Toddler Bilingual Education
Two Weekends in December

Fri, Dec 02, 3 to 8pm

Sat, Dec 3, 10am to 8pm
Tamal Fiesta y mas

Sun, Dec 4, 11am to 5pm
Trees and More ...

Thurs, Dec 8, 3 to 8pm
Victorian Christmas & Gingerbread Extravaganza

Fri, Dec 9, 11am to 8pm
GMS Winter Program - 6-7pm

Sat, Dec 10, 10am to 8pm
Trees-Trees-Trees and More

Sun, Dec 11, 11am to 4pm
Last Day, Don't Miss It!!!

Live Trees and Plants, Rosemary and Poinsettia, Hand Crafted High Quality Gifts. The Festival Flyer PDF
We offer Bi-lingual education in our Toddler Classroom!
Toddler Bilingual Education
Our AMI trained lead guide, Shanna Shultz will be implementing the Montessori curriculum in English. Her assistant, Xochitl Hernandez Moctezuma will provide the bilingual component, interacting with the children and giving lessons exclusively in Spanish. There is a great deal of current research that details the many benefits of early immersion in a second language, among them increased vocabulary, deeper cultural fluency, and enhanced cognitive skills.
The Festival of Trees is a celebration, December 2-4 & 8-11, centered on the holiday season and the wonder of individual expression and creativity. Local artists, individuals, and organizations decorate live Christmas trees, and all community members are able to purchase decorated and undecorated trees, and other high quality gifts and hand crafted holiday goodies. The diverse crew of decorators makes for a breathtaking presentation of trees, from traditional to whimsical.
Would you like to decorate a tree? Click for All the Details →
Montessori Festival of the Trees! fundraiser
The Guadalupe Montessori School is building the 2016 holiday season Festival of Trees in the heart of downtown Silver City!
  • Where? the Western Stationer's building, 703 Bullard Street
  • When? December 2-4 & 8-11
A primary GMS fundraiser, this event supports all aspects of the school. The Festival of Trees has a long history in Silver City, previously hosted by Penny Park, and before that, the Mormon church.

We are excited to collaborate with the [ Tamal Fiesta ] on Saturday, December 3rd, and the [ Silver City Museum Victorian Christmas ] on Thursday, December 8th.

The store Grand Opening is Friday, December 2nd and will feature a wider variety of live trees and plants than ever before, including evergreen trees, culinary herbs, rosemary, poinsettias, and more. Locally made gifts and ornaments will be available, as well as holiday cards, handcrafted soaps, and herbal products from the GMS garden.
Montessori Festival of the Trees! fundraiser
Montessori Festival of the Trees! fundraiser
Montessori Festival of the Trees! fundraiser
Montessori Festival of the Trees! fundraiser

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